PPS and UCT Careers Service mark the launch of a fresh look at

5 Apr 2017 - 21:45
UCT Careers Service and PPS team mark website refurbishment project. Fm left Natalie Kammies:Comms Mgr,UCT Careers Service,Blaize Brown:Marketing Mgr Graduate Division (PPS),Roxanne Jones:Graduate Marketing Specialist (PPS), G Grammer:UCT Careers Service


UCT Careers developed a successful funding application to PPS for the refurbishment of their online home, the website.

UCT Careers is a free service to all UCT students, up to three (3) years after graduation, offering information, advice and opportunities to enable students’ successful transition into the world of work.

This web refurbishment project proposal was well received by PPS. Through their support of the website’s development and enhancement, they are able in turn to support a diverse and large range of students positively through the improved user experience. Over 34,000 unique users access the main website’s broad array of content annually.

Graduate Marketing Specialist for PPS, Ms Roxanne Jones, shared with the launch participants on 30 March, that “PPS recognises the important role that the UCT Careers Service provides to student success and was pleased to be able to contribute to this through the Refurbishment award.”

The main site enhancements include an overhaul of both content and look. The UCT Careers Service new tagline “Own Your Future” was promoted throughout. The student information section is streamlined and provides a solid and experienced advisory message throughout to support students.

A pioneering “Options with My Degree” sub-site in the “Students” section, hosts original content, collated with latest resources per all UCT’s six (6) faculties and the subjects they carry. From Astrophysics to Fine Arts to Intellectual Property Law, information covers topics on professional bodies, diversity and employment, sector insights and preparation for the job market specific to these subject areas, and more.

In addition, an exciting new feature sub-site was also launched, the UCT Careers Graduate Gallery. The site is linked from the main careers site, or directly accessed at

UCT Careers David Casey said, “this digital resource highlights to students the range of degrees and the possibilities of career trajectory through stories from peers.”

He continues, “designed as an educational tool for current students and learners to hear about recent graduates’ early career journeys, these per faculty-grouped stories bring to life real experiences from role models just one or two years out of their university career.”

The intended effect is that it will encourage students to view their own careers with independence and flexibility and reflect on ways to finding their own path.

Students are encouraged to submit their own stories and so the content will remain relevant for the students of the future, in effect an online, living resource. 

Key to the access aspect is that the presence of the website and the UCT Careers Service should be known. The PPS funding also enabled design updates to the social media platforms of Facebook (UCTCareers), twitter (@UCTCareers) and YouTube (UCTCareersService) through which it may strengthen this presence through a unified look to the student body. 


Acknowledgement:  With sincere thanks, UCT Careers Service wishes to acknowledge the 2016 PPS Refurbishment Award towards the evolution and enhancement of its online presence.