5fourteen - 5 September - 18 September 2016

5 Sep 2016 - 15:45

Welcome back after this brief vac. We hope that you achieved your goals: an essay, a dissertation or just catching up on some reading and connecting with friends?

This spring edition of 5Fourteen brings you the next round of choice offerings from the UCT Careers Service and partners. Don’t forget to check in regularly on MyCareer and sign up for alerts for your specific job search, internship or bursary needs. The UCT App with our list of events and jobs is also a few clicks away on Google Play or the App store

UCT Upstarts' 2016 Idea Auction | 8 September

Meet UCT's most inspiring change-makers at the UCT Upstarts Idea Auction on Thursday, 8 September at 6pm at the Labia Theatre (68 Orange Street)!

Eight multidisciplinary teams of students will pitch how they plan to 'Re-educate Education' to a live bidding audience. We’re talking about hand-picked movers and shakers who will crowd-bid their expertise, resources, networks, incubation spaces, travel opportunities, media exposure and ‘moolah’ to help launch our 2016 Upstarts into Startups. UCT Upstarts is the Vice-Chancellor's Social Innovation Challenge and is a joint initiative between Super Stage, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Watch our inspiring 2015 highlight video and RSVP here

Careers Café | 21 September

The second season of this hit event on 21 September takes place at the fresh and funky Snape Building venues and Leslie Commerce 2B. There are two tracks to choose from, covering four topics each.

Industry professionals will share their unusual stories on the topics of law outside the courtroom, pharmaceuticals and biotech, health-science careers beyond the hospital, and green careers, non-technical roles in a technical environment and design and fashion! Details will follow on MyCareer, so diarise and book in as this one fills up quickly. Limited seating available.

Social Impact Careers Day | 28 September

UCT Careers Service has teamed up with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship to bring you the first Social Impact Careers Day in September. 

The Bertha Centre works to uncover, connect and pioneer social entrepreneurs for social justice. Talk to some of the talented specialist organisations making a difference using research, innovation and technology for social upliftment. Some are in the tech sphere, some in housing, community safety, youth development, green economy, design, disability and more. No bookings required, just swipe in at the Leslie Social Mezzanine with your student card. See you on 28 September. This exciting space will be relevant to students across all areas of interest and disciplines. Follow the Twitter stream @UCTCareers or @BerthaCentre

Career Compass: Attention all Postgraduates

Career Compass is a workshop specifically designed to help you align your post graduate journey with your career journey. 

This is a two-day workshop from 8:30am to 4:30pm on 12 to 13 October 2016. It is compulsory to attend both days. Sign up on MyCareer.

In Good Company

There are lots of company presentations and showcases on campus in the next two weeks, and recruiters are waiting to connect with students from all degrees of study, so don’t miss out. Click on the company name for more details and to RSVP: 

7 Sept, 1pm, LS 3A

Nedbank: Inspired insights to make your brand happen  
8 Sept; 1pm; LS 2B

Goldman Sachs  
8 Sept, 5pm, LS 3A

Nedbank: Inspired insights to make your brand happen 
9 Sept, 1pm, Wolfson LT1

RBB Economics  
12 Sept, 1pm, ECO LT1

Teach in Japan - Japanese Embassy   
12 Sept, 1pm, LS 3BA

Atmosphere Communications  
13 Sept, 1pm, LS 3A

UCT Plus info Session  
14 Sept, 1pm, Hoerikwaggo 3B, Upper Campus

Note, dates and times are subject to change. Log on to MyCareer for all the up-to-date information.t's it for this edition. 

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