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What is UCT Plus? | What are the UCT Plus pathways? | What award will I receive on UCT Plus?

What is UCT Plus?

How to get involved

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UCT Plus is a skills award programme which recognises the skills, knowledge and experience that students gain through extra-curricular activities at UCT; and in doing so, their contribution to UCT and the wider community. The skills award is a key pillar of the UCT’s strategic plan which aims to recognise students who participate actively and reflexively in extra-curricular and student leadership activities.

While some students can clearly articulate the skills and experience they have gained, others find it difficult to make the connection. The programme is designed to help students make this connection and in doing so, enhance their higher education environment and help with their readiness for the professional world.

To receive formal recognition of their participation in extra-curricular activities, students have to meet the requirements that are set out for the particular UCT Plus pathway for which they are registered.

For example, students could be required to keep a log of their hours spent on extra-curricular activities on an UCT Plus online platform; and/or attend any specified events and workshops as part of the programme; and then complete a compulsory final reflection assignment based on their experiences while on the programme.

What are the UCT Plus pathways?

When students register for the UCT Plus programme, they register on a particular pathway. All the activities within each pathway are extra-curricular and unpaid.

Leadership pathways
Leadership skills can be developed and expressed in different contexts. Context is important in both the understanding and development of leadership qualities. All the leadership pathways have much in common, however the context of each pathway shapes their responsibilities and roles. These pathways within UCT Plus provide opportunities for students to gain recognition for the skills developed across a range of the following contexts.

  • Leadership through elected positions of responsibility

    Students register for this pathway if they have been elected to a position of responsibility within the wider student governance structure. The specific roles which are currently eligible to apply within this pathway are the following:

    • Students' Representative Council (SRC)
    • Student Parliament (SP) Management Committee
    • Development Agency Steering Committees - SHAWCO, RAG, UBUNYE, GCI, UCT Radio and     Varsity Newspaper.
    • House Committee Members
    • Faculty Council Members
    • Society Executive members
    • Sports Code Executive Committee Members
    • iKhaya Committee members
    • Apply

    For a complete list of roles and activities at UCT that might be of interest to you, explore student development.


  • Leadership through active learning

    Students register for this pathway if they are in a programme of learning which actively develops their leadership skills. Currently only the Global Citizenship Programme is an eligible programme within this pathway, however the specific Global Citizenship courses which are eligible for that year of registration do change. Please check the application form for further details when registering.

  • Leadership through role-modelling within the UCT community

    Students register for this pathway if they are a role-model to others within the UCT community. The specific roles which are currently eligible to apply within this pathway are the following:

    • Roles which include mentoring and training and supervision or skills - e.g. Careers Ambassadors, Agents of Change Education, (ACES), and Residence Tutors.
    • Roles facilitating peer education sessions and training e.g. ACES.
    • Apply.
  • Leadership through service to the community

    Students register for this pathway if they are involved in community outreach for UCT student organisations. The range of community-related activity in the university is numerous. Follow the instructions when registering for this type of pathway in the application form.


What award will I receive on UCT Plus?

If students are successful in meeting the requirements for that pathway, then they receive an award relevant to that particular pathway which will be included on their academic transcript.