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UCT Plus: FAQs

UCT Plus

1. Can I attain more than one UCT Plus award during a year?

Yes, it is possible to successfully achieve more than one UCT Plus award during a year in which you have registered for the programme. If you are involved in more than one activity, then you can register for more than one pathway when registering for the award.

However, hours logged for one pathway cannot be added to another pathway in order to qualify for the award. For example, 20 hours in a role on the Leadership through elected positions of responsibility pathway cannot be added to 40 hours on the Leadership through role-modelling within the UCT community pathway, in order to fulfil the hourly requirement of an award. Registering for two pathways will be registering as two distinct pathways and on successful completion, two separate awards. Apply.



2.    Who has access to my profile and information when using the platform to log my hours?

Only administrators for your organisation and other UCT Plus participants on the programme can view your profile and progress towards achieving a UCT Plus award.

3.    Who do I contact if I have any queries or problems?

Please contact  if you have any queries about the programme.