Prospective employers use a range of selection techniques during the recruitment process. There are no uniform selection processes. Practices vary from one organisation to the next,

  • How organisations select
  • Prepare your application
  • Get set for interviews

Here is more information on various selection processes

  • Interviews

    An interview is a structured conversation during which the interviewers will be trying to find out more about you, your skills, experience, extracurricular involvement and personal attributes. They are trying to get a real sense of your suitability to the team and organisation. An interview is a two-way conversation: it is your chance to find out more about the opportunity and environment, and to decide if the fit is good for you.

    It is not good to believe you don't need to prepare, and be over confident, or to be stressed and overwhelmed.

    Know what to expect and to prepare well for each interview. Have a clear understanding of:

    • yourself
    • the role
    • the organisation 
    • and the sector

    This will allow you to speak with clarity and confidence, showing  why you are suitable by giving focused and appropriate answers.​

    The best preparation is to watch our Interview DVDs. Log in to MyCareer and click on Resources. Look for the following titles which have the icon of a movie camera next to them:

    • Why ask me that
    • Your Jobs online
    • At the assessment centre
    • Making an impact
  • Psychometric assessments

    Psychometric assessments

  • Case Studies

  • Assessment Centres

    Assessment Centres are when an organisation puts candidates through a number of selection processes in a day, which can include any combination of interviews, case studies, group exercises or presentations. View the DVD called At the assessment Centre on the resources section of MyCareer.

  • Accepting offers

    Its great after going through a selection process if you actually get a job offer. Here are some tips for that last stage to make sure you make a good start to your working life: