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Presentations and Showcases


A presentation slot allows recruiters to engage and network with students, and inform them about the organisation and the particular opportunities you have to offer. It also offers you the opportunity to introduce students to UCT alumni who are working at the organisation. It is a great way to create brand recognition amongst students, and is useful for improving the efficiency of your recruitment processes by educating students about what your expectations are. 

Come and talk to UCT students about jobs in your organisation either in person or by video conference. These 45 minute sessions are hosted in easily accessible lecture theatres on campus at lunchtime or after class in the afternoon.

Booking a presentation with UCT Careers Service includes: 

  • Venue hire
  • Projector, audio equipment (please make sure to bring your own laptop along)
  • Technical assistance on the day
  • A targeted email to promote the event
  • A listing on our events calendar 


Company Showcase

A company showcase is a great way to interact with a range of students in an informal manner, and offers employers the added benefit of being the only organisation on campus for the day, ensuring you are the focal point. Company showcases are particularly useful for organisations who wish to create a presence on campus, and reinforce their employer brand amongst our students.

All company showcases take place in the Leslie Social Sciences Building, a hub of student activity, and run from 10am to 3pm.