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Attend a Careers Expo

Attend a Careers Expo

The Careers Service hosts a number of careers expos throughout the year.  These events, which cover a wide range of sectors, offer students the opportunity to meet and network with top local and global organisations, whilst offering recruiters the opportunity to meet a large number of potential candidates in an instant. 

Attending a careers expo is an ideal opportunity to build brand recognition on campus and promote the opportunities you have on offer.

Our programme of Careers Expos include:

Coming soon for 2018

To book your spot at a careers expo

Speak to Nawaal Boolay - Head: Employer Relations

Tel: 021 650 5028

Comments from Employers

"We've been coming to this expo for 3 years now, and have seen how its grown to be bigger & better. Great work- keep doing what you're doing!"


"Great expo! Got some really great candidates."