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Attend a Careers Expo

Attend a Careers Expo

The Careers Service hosts a number of careers expos throughout the year.  These events, which cover a wide range of sectors, offer students the opportunity to meet and network with top local and global organisations, whilst offering recruiters the opportunity to meet a large number of potential candidates in an instant. 

Attending a careers expo is an ideal opportunity to build brand recognition on campus and promote the opportunities you have on offer.

Our programme of Careers Expos include:

  • Law Expo
    15 July 2020
    The UCT Faculty of Law is rated among the Top 100 law schools in the world and attracts excellent students from various backgrounds.
  • Accounting Expo
    22 July 2020

    A sector-specific event for those studying towards Accounting degrees, this event exposes students to the big names in the accounting industry and allows recruiters to source top talent for their companies.
  • UCT Epic Job Expo
    05 August 2020
    Engage with students across faculties to showcase your organisation’s career offerings. Various sponsorship options are on offer to ensure companies can maximise their impact at the event and make a lasting impression on a diverse range of students. 

For more information about our expo packages, view our Rate Card.

Contact the Employer Relations team for further details.