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Managing your Career

UCT Careers Service provides numerous ways to assist you with your career development and planning - for example, we can help you reflect, develop a great CV and prepare for interviews.

  • Events

    Keep an eye on our all our events on campus – these include company showcases, career expos, workshops and talks.

    View events on MyCareer.

  • Appointments

    If you’d like some career advice, you can make an appoint with one of our Careers Advisors here.

  • Resources

    These are some of our most popular resources:

    • Creating a great CV
    • Writing Cover Letters
    • Visit MyCareer for resources on the following:
      • Seeing a Careers Advisor
      • Changing your degree
      • International Students
      • Informational Interviewing
      • Preparing for Interviews
      • Handling interviews
      • Assessment Centres
      • Psychometric tests
    • MyCareerCogs: we have developed 10 short coaching videos that cover a variety of topics related to your career management - from self-exploration to online branding. You can read about them here.
      As a UCT student, you can register to use MyCareerCogs here.
  • Networking

    Networking opportunities

    Expos and presentations

    UCT contacts: faculty staff and classmates, societies, clubs, sports, residence

    Conferences and seminars

    Work experience

    Social media


    No matter what you are planning to do after leaving UCT, use the time here to network and find out what companies are doing in the region and globally. The Careers Service facilitates a number of activities that bring employers onto campus, such as expos, company showcases and presentations. Attending these will give you an opportunity to talk to potential employers about working locally or internationally.

    Building a network of useful contacts in South Africa in sectors that interest you (through your faculty, work experience, campus engagements and other activities), will help you to explore different careers and industry options and get insider tips.

    It’s also important to foster your network back home, and to stay in touch with what is happening in your areas of interest and the job market. (LinkedIn can be useful for this. View the advice from Linkedin on creating your profile here.) You can also listen to the podcast on Understanding and Using LinkedIn.