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Grade 11 and 12

Grade 11 and 12

Grade 11 & 12 graphicFor grade 11s and 12s we offer 3 services:

One-2-One careers advisory session:

The learner has an opportunity to have an hour long engagement with one of careers advisors, thereafter parents are welcome to join in and contribute toward the discussion.

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Workshops for small groups:

Our Plan Your Future aims to introduce learners to some

Schools Talks:

Choosing a course of study after matric 

Choosing what to study is not a once off decision that will determine the rest of your life, but it is important to make sure that you make an informed decision and have gathered all the relevant information to make that decision.

Download our guide to Choosing a course of study.


Applying to UCT

All you need to know about applying to UCT is on the main UCT website.

Click on the dropdown menu called Applying to UCT.