High School and Beyond

The Beyond School service provides careers guidance and resources for high school learners.

The niche we fill in UCT as well as in the broader career guidance work done in South Africa, is to help high school learners to survey their choices and understand the career development process. This is achieved through equipping learners with the skills to make informed choices; how one goes about building a career (as opposed to choosing a career), and understanding the complexities of the 21st century working world.

Currently, we offer 3 types of services targeted at:

  • learners
  • teachers
  • and youth workers

that cover topics appropriate for each group.

For learners we offer one-2-one careers advice sessions, school talks for specific grades, and interactive workshops for smaller groups.

For teachers and youth workers (and UCT students) our Beyond School Careers Education workshop crystalises for participants some of the key issues learners’ face, the current world of work, aspects of career development theories, and practical tools to help the learners with whom they work.