Careers Services turns 50

50 years of service


January 1968

Careers Office opens in a wooden structure where the Leslie Social Science is today, Headed by Niels Lindhard.

March 1968

comicYour first job Business Orientation Course at UCT launched- weekend course for all final years across all faculties.

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April 1968

Activities reportCareers Service's first report was released to UCT Community after three months of activity

Included was a report on the counselling, employer engagement, information and contacts service development in the first period.

Outlining the activities of the office, it also cited as challenges that women graduates asked for support to break out of typing and teaching roles and black graduates were asking for fair employment.


  • 84 one-on-one job seeking support and counselling sessions
  • 35 graduates, 34 undergraduates
  • 5 from outside the university

Read the first activities report.

June 1971

The Careers office provides a publication to employers on tips for effective recruiting on Campus


Careers office moves to Computer Science building.


The Academic Planning Committee reviewed the office and concluded that advice to school learners was secondary and that advice should primarily be aimed at UCT students.

July 1985

Mervyn Wetmore is appointed to Head up the Careers Office.


Careers Office moves to new premises in the New Education Building on Middle Campus (Kramer building today).


Careering Magazine first produced.


The Careers Office is tasked with conducting a survey of employer destinations.

Review conducted of the Careers Office by the Academic planning Committee. Recommended that Careers report directly to a DVC and that a Career Development committee is established.


Careers Office incorporated into newly established Centre for Higher Education and reports directly to Dean of CHED. Office moves to the Hlanganani building


Anne Short joins as Director and the name is changed to Career Development programme.


The programme moves to Hoerikwaggo building and becomes part of the Centre for Higher Education Development and reports directly to the Dean. Its name changes from the Career Development Programme to the UCT Careers Service.

McKinsey conducts a pro bono report on work of Career Development programme. Recommends post of Head of Graduate recruitment and a move to new premises.


Move to Old Chemical Engineering Building (Now Hoerikwaggo building)


Employer partner programme started from McKinsey recommendation.


Anne Short leaves.

2010 Best Careers Fair (SAGRA)


Name changes to Careers Service.

In November, David Casey joins as Director.

2011 Best Career Fair (SAGRA)


Careers Service undergoes renovations.

2012 Best Career Fair (SAGRA)


Move to renovated open plan offices, and introduction of CRM system MyCareer.

Credited careers module introduced to Library and Information Science post-graduate course.

2013 Best Career Fair(SAGRA)


2015 Best Career Fair and Employability Initiative

Credited Careers Discovery module in EDU Commerce first year course.

MyCareer Cogs introduced.


UCT Plus is Senate approved. Careers Service ranked #2 in the world by a global survey.


Award ceremonyUCT Careers Service receives award for Best careers Service (SAGEA) * eight years in a row
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First full cycle of UCT Plus Dashboards developed.