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Course mapping tool

The Course Mapping Tool helps students, pre-university seekers and first-years (across all faculties) gauge possible career outcomes at the end of a particular degree.

The tool, which is in the form of an interactive data dashboard, combines information from UCT Faculty handbooks, University Student Management Information Systems and various Graduate Exit Surveys to give users an end-to-end overview of academic programmes at UCT.

It illustrates the required courses for a particular degree and the possible outcomes for students once they have graduated. Outcomes are based on, but not limited to, students':

  • Main activity upon graduation
  • Companies where they have secured employment
  • Job titles
  • Salaries 

The interactive dashboard can be accessed here:

Using this tool:
To start your search, select the the following criteria:

  • Faculty followed by
  • Degree
  • Programme Type
  • Department
  • Major (if needed)

Once these selections are made, the required outcome will then be displayed on the tool. To restart your search, deselect all your selections and start again.

The course mapping tool was made possible with sponsorship from TFG.